Sheldon Lavin Has Been The Driving Force Behind OSI Group’s Rapid Expansion Efforts

Since the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin has been a busy man. As the chief executive officer of OSI Group, he has been working to expand the company and its operations and continues to do so.

He was hired to do just that with OSI in 1975 when the company was working with McDonald’s. The fast food giant had been impressed with the work that Lavin had done to improve its partnership with OSI and desired to work with him as the two companies were about to make a large move overseas. Lavin agreed, and that is when OSI built its first overseas facility, which operated to serve McDonald’s.

Recently, OSI, under the careful guidance of Sheldon Lavin has made new purchases and acquisitions. Two of these included Baho Food and Flagship Europe, which will greatly add to the company’s offerings in Europe. Lavin also serves as OSI’s chairman, and he has been the driving force behind the reason why the American food company is now an international corporation. His company has 20,000 employees working for it, and the turnover rate for employees who work for OSI is extremely low. Lavin has pointed to the company’s culture as the reason for this because OSI treats every worker as a member of its larger family.

During the 1980s, Sheldon Lavin steered the ship as OSI expanded throughout North America as well as Europe. The company also moved into Japan, the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, and China and now has over 60 facilities worldwide. Lavin has won many different awards during his time with the company, and one of these was given to him in 2016. That award was the Global Visionary Award, and it was India’s Vision World Academy that gave it to him. The award celebrates individuals from many different industries who go after their dreams and accomplish them. He was also a large part of the reason why OSI Group received the Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. This award recognizes companies that minimize their environmental impact, and he has spearheaded these efforts within his company.

Sheldon Lavin is also a philanthropist who has never stopped giving to the causes and charitable organizations he believes in. He has donated to the Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Fund, and plenty of other worthy causes. He hopes to continue to be able to help people out in whatever way he can.


Felipe Montoro Jens Explores Why Public Infrastructure Projects Keep Getting Halted

Brazil has a big problem on its hands. They keep starting projects there, including critical public infrastructure projects, and then for one reason or another work is halted and the project is abandoned. Felipe Montoro Jens, who is one of that nation’s foremost authorities on infrastructure projects, recently completed his reading of the National Confederation of Industries latest report, “Great Works Stopped: How to Face the Problem?” He shares what is going on and ways to fix the situation.

Felipe Montoro Jens says that in all 2,796 works were halted in 2017 according to the Ministry of Planning. 517 of these were public infrastructure works. As he points out, that is an incredible waste of taxpayer dollars. He says this cost R $10.7 billion of taxpayer money. More about Felipe Montoro Jens at

447 of these paralyzed projects were for basic sanitation. 30 of them were for highways, 16 involving airports, and 8 were for urban mobility works. Of the remaining halted projects Felipe Montoro Jens says 6 were ports, 5 were railways, and 5 were for waterways. These projects consume a lot of societal resources and then end up doing nobody any good when they are finished.

Researching why this is such a common occurrence, Felipe Montoro Jens says that there are plenty of technical problems. Somebody didn’t find out that there was an issue with land ownership is a common theme, he says. Another one is that small company will take on a project, midway through run into financial difficulties, and then just abandon it.

As for how to fix this situation, the CNI came up with six proposals such as better equipping teams and carrying out microplanning. The problem as Felipe Montoro Jens sees it is that the Brazilian government is very good at writing reports but they do a terrible job at ever actually reading one of them.



Reasons To Join The AIA As Told By Robert Ivy

When looking for solid information about a topic that we care about, it is best to turn to those who have a solid reputation that they have earned over the years. This means looking to someone like Robert Ivy as a real thought leader for the future.

For those who don’t know, Robert Ivy is the Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record. That is the most widely read magazine about architectural issues. He has been in that position since 1996, and he continues to find ways to help grow out the reach of the magazine. He also strongly encourages people to join professional organizations for the following reasons. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.


We do not know everything even about the things that we like to think of ourselves as experts of. We often have gaps in our information that make us ignorant of certain aspects of the world around us. Therefore, we have to try to find that knowledge from other sources. One of the other sources that we can use are professional organizations. In fact, they are one of the better places to get the latest updates in the industry that you happen to work in.

Networking With Others

Do not deny yourself the opportunity to network with other people who are just like you. What you may discover is that they have a lot of potential in store for you in the sense that they may be able to connect you with the people or ideas that help you grow in your field.

Robert Ivy says plenty of people have landed jobs, promotions, or just a fresh way of thinking by networking with others in a professional organization. It is a means of growing by relying on others to help push you along in the right direction. More about of Robert Ivy at

Gaining More Credentials

One of the most impressive and therefore most important parts of a person’s resume are the credentials that they have. The more that they learn and the more that they are licensed in their field, the better. Professional organizations can serve as the stepping stone that gets a person from being just another typical worker in their field to something much more.

These are the collection of reasons why Robert Ivy strongly encourages people to join up with professional organizations in their field. It may not seem important at first, but it really does make a professional difference.



Stream Energy: Changing the Way Corporate Sees Philanthropy

Stream Energy is setting the bar for corporate philanthropy yet again with their new division dubbed Stream Cares. “Dallas-Based Stream Energy Creates Stream Cares for Philanthropy” is an article discussing the division and some of the things that it will be focusing on in the coming months. The company has always put philanthropy very high up into their list of priorities. In fact, since they opened in 2005 they have dedicated a large portion of their proceeds to local charities and disasters. This recent development of a division specifically focused on philanthropy, called Stream Cares, is just the company’s attempt to organize that philanthropy into one branch of the company. This will allow the company to streamline the giving and better evaluate opportunities.


There are several projects in the Dallas area that would warrant a philanthropic intervention from a larger company. One of these is the growing homelessness problem. The growth in the homelessness population in recent years has skyrocketed. In fact, it is up by 24%. This means that individuals in the Dallas area are on a high alert due to the increase. Stream Energy has chosen to partner with Hope Supply Company in an attempt to help remediate this problem. The issue remains a big one in the Dallas area but with companies like Stream Energy pushing for some type of change, there can be a better outcome for everyone.


This company began how most companies begin, with a dream and a small business plan. The founders did not know that the company would grow to such heights, but they always knew that philanthropy was going to be a major part of their company culture. The company officially opened its doors in 2005 and originally was slated to be a power company for the local Texas community. Stream Energy quickly grew to include wireless services and mobile communication. The quick change allowed the company to expand to seven different states including New York and the Washington D. C. area. They still remember their roots though and work hard to contribute to the local community in some philanthropic capacity. Stream Cares shows just how much Stream Energy is dedicated to this goal.

The Success Of Paul Herdsman Of NICE Global


Paul herdsman is one of the people who can offer excellent business solutions. When looking at the history of the work he has been doing, one is left without a doubt that he is one of the most successful people when it comes to offering customer services. Paul has skills in customer’s acquisition, business development, marketing and sales among other things.


Paul Herdsman is known for offering outsourced services on customers care services to companies from all over the world. He is the co-founder and chief operating officer of NICE Global. He uses this company to accomplish his goals. Through NICE Global, he has risen to the position of a globally recognized business solutions provider.


Paul Herdsman is the sort of person you contact when your business is in dire need of growth. He will provide services which will create growth in all the key fields that will determine the overall success of your business. The headquarters of this company is in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The main aim of NICE Global is to help existing businesses build customer retention capacity, reduce overhead costs and increase the revenue. Looking at the nature of work that is being carried out by this company, there is no doubt that they are up to the task.


Paul Herdsman is ready to make it in the industry no matter what happens. We are in an industry where making it in business is no longer an easy thing to do. There are so many factors that come into play when looking at the success of a business. At all times, we should focus on giving a business a good name. The reputation of a business will determine the success. Paul Herdsman can provide clients with services that will leave any company in good books with the customers. He created NICE Global in 2013, and so far the success rate is quite commendable. Visit This Page to learn more.


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34 years of Bruce Katzen record in legal fraternity

There are many motivations for people to join the legal world. For Bruce Katzen however, the motivation was different. His financial background inspired him to make a difference in the financial world. As an attorney, he has a heart for franchise disputes (which are common), probate, financial fraud, and any lawsuit consisting of company sales and insurances. Currently, he is one of the best legal minds in this legal niche.

What makes Bruce Katzen exceptional is his approach to cases. Unlike most attorneys, he has a deeper understanding of financial cases. As a Certified Public Accountant, he can dig deeper into facts and come up with fresh and well thought legal submissions. His better understanding of both the legal and the financial aspects of his cases makes him the best representation of many companies and individuals.

Apart from having the advantage of the expert knowledge of both areas, his academic background in law also makes him exceptionally good. He is a graduate of the prestigious University of Miami (magna cum laude). His ability to be a client-centered lawyer and his ability to make objective legal arguments gives his firm an upper hand in financial representation.

Bruce Katzen has a deep understanding of Capital and Securities Markets has made him a common feature to one of the best legal magazines in the USA. Some of the publications that have honored his contribution to this niche include Super Lawyers (the Business Edition), South Florida (both the Business Journal and Legal Guide).

As a passionate legal mind, he has always given this client the best legal services. Being a member of more than seven legal affiliation groups, Bruce Katzen is a well-respected attorney by his legal peers. With over 34 years since he was admitted to the bar, his record of accomplishment is impressive.

Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers Opens Up About Life And Music

Alex Pall is one of the members of the Chainsmokers, though it was found out that he had a different member other than Andrew when the band first started. During an interview, Alex Pall told interviewers that his original partner quit the band before they really got started, which left Alex looking for a new partner. Alex’s manager introduced him to Andrew, who was also working as a DJ at the time and wanted to be a part of something bigger.

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For both Alex and Andrew, music had always consumed their life and they both had similar tastes in music which allowed them to start working together right away. Little did they know that when they first started practicing together a little over six years ago that they would be one of the biggest names in the music industry today. Despite the fact that he was still in college, Andrew dropped everything and traveled from Maine so that he could meet Alex and go over the Chainsmokers. Alex and Andrew both bring a lot of creativity to the table and they were confident in their abilities together right from the beginning.

The Chainsmokers released Closer in 2016 and ever since then they have been releasing some of the biggest hits on the music billboards. Closer was also one of the very first songs that Alex and Andrew used their own vocals instead of featuring another artist as the lead vocalist. According to Alex, he feels that he has a somewhat awkward performance as the lead vocalist and will leave that job for Andrew in the future.

Not only did Closer featured Andrew Taggart as a vocalist for the first time, but it has become one of their most popular songs since the band’s creation, along with some of their other smash hits like Roses and Paris. Closer was done in collaboration with Halsey and featured Andrew and Halsey singing a duet about two people that were just starting out their lives together who are intensely in love.

The Chainsmokers Fame Ride Continues to Hit Ups With No Downs In Sight

The Chainsmokers are a wild success story that has been printing for four years now. Their first big break came in 2014, with catchy single “#Selfie”. Since then the duo made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have regularly appeared in the charts and garnered quite a following. Their first and only studio album, Memories… Do Not Open, is currently tied for third-longest running non-consecutive No. 1 in Billboard’s Dance/Techno list. So far this year the duo has released four successful singles, with the last “Side Effect” just hitting the sound waves. Needless to say, it has been quite a ride, one that both DJ’s are still trying to catch up to. In their four-year span the duo has grown in artists, found numerous voices, and managed to set themselves apart from contemporaries. In the wake of “Side Effects” the duo sat down to talk about it all.

“Our music is a reflection of what we go through,” Taggart stated, commenting on the light disco flair Side Effects imbibes. Two of their earlier offerings this year, “Sick Boy”, and “You Owe Me” had a much darker tone. Taggart blames it on the winter, citing that now summer is here the songs will get brighter. One thing that can be said about recent Chainsmokers sound, is that the duo has become very self-aware. Alex Pall blames it on the times. “There’s a lot of interesting things to write about now,” Pall stated. Their music has been focused on millennials for a while now, lampooning the relationship the present generation has with technology.

“The internet is taking over people’s lives,” Pall says, “We want to criticize without making fun of it”. This type of social commentary has been popular in the Chainsmokers songwriting, focusing on current trends and the weight of their own celebrity. “Side Effects” just as it predecessors is a clear reflection of that, and an earnest desire by the two artists to open-up to their audience. The commentary also allows the duo to remain relevant, which has been a prime goal for the duet since their inception.

Dr. Kirschenbaum – Innovating Knee Replacement

Dr Ira Kirschenbaum specializes in minimizing invasive joint and knee replacement and joint reconstruction. Currently, Dr Kirschenbaum resides in New York and trained in his specialization at The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. Dr Kirschenbaum was given the James A. Vohs Award for Quality in 1994 during a time that he was chief of Kaiser Permanante’s chief of reconstructive surgery. Dr Kirschenbaum works to innovate joint and knee replacement surgery. Recently, a short video explains one of Dr Kirschenbaum’s procedures; the partial knee replacement.


This video depicts a young man; Robert, getting knee replacement surgery. Due to Robert living an active lifestyle for twenty-five years the strain took a toll on his knew to require surgery. The pain in Robert’s knees led to him using over the counter pain medication; Advil, “like M&M’s”. Not an ideal situation in any light. Fortunately, Robert has some options available.


Traditionally, Knee replacements can be traumatic and typically lead to the whole knee being replaced rather than just the injured area. Unfortunately, this may need to be replaced a decade or two down the line, leading to more trauma in an area that is already injured.

In the video, rather than taking the traditional route to knee replacement surgery the option of a partial knee replacement surgery was available. The knee has three separate compartments, and a partial knee replacement works to mend only the injured part of the knee, leaving the knee feeling like your knee instead of something foreign. This procedure also lessens trauma to the area. However, while this procedure can make knee replacement more manageable, if you have severe arthritis or Rheumatoid arthritis this procedure wouldn’t completely solve the medical problems you experience in your knee. It’s estimated that 70% of knee arthritis is from osteoporosis suffers which should benefit from this procedure.



Gregory Aziz And The Story Of His Success

Would you like to hear about a legacy? There is a man named Gregory Aziz who has done tremendous good with his life. He has always worked hard to get where he needs to be. He has pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion to achieve his success. He is a leader and a Chief Executive Officer. He owns the company, National Steel Car.


Gregory J Aziz has put his heart and soul into the business building it up from essentially, nothing. National Steel Car is known around the world. It has gained a reputation for customer service, reliability, and efficiency. They produce and distribute rail cars that are top of the line. Greg Aziz ensures this is true or the railcars do not leave the company. He rewards his employees and ensures they are taken care of and satisfied with their work environment always.


He hosts multiple charity drives through his company helping the hungry and homeless. He has sponsored many other events as well such as the Anglestone Tournament, an equestrian competition of which his daughter competes regularly. He also sponsors the Hamilton Theater and the Theater Aquarius. He is highly sought after for advice in business, economics, and success. Gregory James Aziz got his start in business at an early age as he watched his family, who owned Affiliated Foods.


He grew up and went to college at the University of Ontario. He graduated with his degree and decided to join his family’s business. He helped them in several ways during his time there even allowing for fresh food to begin being able to be imported and distributed from other countries. He stayed several years before finally moving on to pursue other dreams that he had. When Greg Aziz found National Steel Car, it was on the brink of failure.


Production was at an all-time low resulting in the need for very few employees. Greg was able to increase production and distribution of railcars and hire more workers. They began earning awards for things like safety and efficiency. They started becoming a well-known company and Greg Aziz promised that they would always be raising the bar, setting examples for other companies to follow. See This Page for more information.


Today, Greg continues running his company with the same mindset. He is always looking for ways he and his company are able to improve. With his background in economics, his drive and work ethic, he will no doubt be making National Steel Car a success for as long as he is alive.


Visit Aziz on