The Accomplished Ronald Fowlkes

The word accomplished, when describing the distinguished career of the exceptional Ronald Fowlkes, perhaps may be an understatement. Ronald has accomplished so much is his career so far that it is hard not to question how he has managed to do so in his lifetime. To start, Ronald is currently taking on the role of the Business Development leader of Law Enforcement/Commercial products for a company called Eagle Industries Unlimited.


Needless to say, it is a very respectable role for the company as he is clearly well-trusted to handle that role and its responsibilities. Under this title, he is given tasks such as handling customer needs on a nationwide scale, evaluation and overview of over 100 staff members, production and scale of tons of products, and so much more. However, before taking on these duties, Ronald Fowlkes accomplished many tasks in both the law enforcement and as a defense contractor for the United States Army combining for more than a decade of hard work.


It goes without saying that Ronald was well equip to take on his current duties as a business manager. To get more specific on his time working in the law enforcement and the army, which Ronald is certainly extremely proud of, in those two work fields is where he would earn the respect and admiration that he receives on a daily basis today. For example, as a member of a SWAT warfare team, Ronald took on plenty of high-risk and dangerous situations.


Specifically, Ronald and his team were tasked with handling hostage situations, gang activity, illegal firearm possession issues, trafficking problems, narcotic violations, and pretty much any other form of highly-dangerous situations one can think of. Obviously, the effort he put in this role positively manifested itself in future roles he would receive in the years to follow. Aside from his duties as a SWAT member, Ronald Fowlkes is more than extremely proud to say that he served his country in the United States Marine Corps for a number of years.


Considering how talented he is as an individual, it is easy to understand how he was promoted more than once in his time in the Marine Corps. In providing his help in the Marine Corps, Ronald achieves countless recognition and acknowledgments that put him in a class of respect by himself. It goes without saying that those who have had the honor and pleasure of working with Ronald Fowlkes have much to thank him for. With the amount of hard work and dedication he has put it over the years, it is easy to see how successful Ronald has become so far. The great thing is that he is far from done in his already distinguished career.


Women are Billboard’s Top Moguls in 2017- Desiree Perez can Validate

Billboard Music reflects on the biggest music artists success stories of 2017. Only this time it accredits women as the leading figures behind these successes. Presidents, CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs are listed as this year’s women in music’s occupations. The 100-something accounts of each woman lists their title and recent marvel within the company throughout the Billboard Magazine spread. The issue highlights women like Atlantic Records’ COO Julie Greenwald prompting Ed Sheeran on a VMAs stage and follows with Universal Music Group Nashville’s president Cindy Mabe resulting in Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road” one of 2017’s biggest radio non-stop hits. The headline shows women to be the real moneymakers this year. One of the biggest albums of the year 4:44 by hip-hop rap artist Jay-Z came to be only through the well-known business strategies of Desiree Perez. Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating officer of ROC Nation label group, a label aspiring multi-million business deals beyond music. Live Nation the well-known promoting live music company closed a distribution deal with ROC Nation after Perez had held gathering after gathering with Live Nation’s top executives. Perez and founder of the ROC Nation label Jay-Z have worked together to optimize the label’s subsidiary, Tidal, an online audio streaming platform. Furthermore, Sprint’s investment in the audio streaming platform became only after Perez’s push for the deal to take place. Perez’s determination and cut-edge persona have enabled others sitting in a room with her to list her as a mogul inside the business. Desiree Perez began working with the artist Jay-Z since the early 2000s. Billboard gives proper recognition to Desiree Perez, and other women inside music industry who shook 2017’s year in music without needing any praise.


Trust The Securus Technologies Network For Crime Prevention

You can get the safety and quality assurance you expect from an inmate calling network with Securus Technologies. They have incorporated their governmental regulated monitoring and surveillance to continue to ensure the safety of the general public. In fact, their CEO, Richard A. Smith, has been one of the first executives to push for a crime prevention model with their network. They have initiated a customer feedback forum on their website which has led to the prevention of a number of inmate crimes because of their customers comments. In doing so, they have been able to keep their prices at a stabilized price without the cost of increase inmate calls. Their competitors charge their customers for inmate communications crimes with increased fees.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Features


stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– add additional facility monitoring

– stop illegal inmate money transfer

– and more…


Their customers have been proud to be a part of any crime prevention measures that will keep their prices stable and their inmate network secure. Visit the Securus Technologies website to find out more about their crime prevention measures and superior inmate calling features today.


Qualities of a Good CEO Inspired by Rick Smith of Securus Technologies

Every company wants success, but have you ever thought of factors that contribute to success? There is a big list that all investors need to consider to have a successful venture. The most important one is the CEO. The chief executive officer needs to be reliable, confident and innovative.

The company needs to do an exclusive research on the individuals who pose for the CEO seat. There are many decisions that the CEO of a company makes on their own. The CEO also decides on the method, which he leads the employees. Wrong mechanisms, lead to rebellion among employees. Follow Rick at

The Board of Directors also needs to run a background check on their candidate. Any criminal involvements may compromise the security of the company. We have seen people commit crimes and betray their companies because of blackmails to cover up things they did in the past.

Education background is also crucial to any CEO. You cannot lead a company if you don’t fully get the concept of what the company deals with in the first place.

The other thing that you need to look for is the level of experience. It is the different moments a CEO has had in the business that builds their creativity.

Rick Smith Securus has all the requirements. He has a clean criminal record. He also has virtues that makes his a great leader. His strategies are also recommendable.

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Rick Smith has a long experience in this industry; he has worked in many firms in various departments. As a result, he understands everything that happens in all units. It is through this knowledge that he leads the company to success.

His last workplace was Eschelon- Telkom. Smith left a legacy here because of the great changes he brought about in the firm. The company went through a complete transition, under his leadership. He facilitated the revenue of the company to $350 million from $30 million.

Rick Smith is also rich in terms of academic background. He has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in Mathematics and Engineering. Rick Smith is also an MBA holder. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Rick Smith says that they continually receive positive reviews from their clients on their site. He is happy to see that the clients are happy with the services they are offering.

Rick Smith has greatly improved the lives of the inmates. The relatives say that the devices are very reliable when keeping in touch with the convicts. They are also happy with the good rates that the company offers.

Rick Smith is a futurist. He believes that Securus gadgets are revolutionizing the detentions. He can only hope for a future where all the detention facilities can access their devices.

Rising Talent from the Academy of Art University

Recently, at New York Fashion Week, ten students from The Academy of Art University primeired their collections to the fashion world which came with great praise from audience members. The collections were presented after the University’s runway showcase earlier during that week. Some of the students have been selceted for the CDFA Future Fashion Graduate Showcase like Hailun Zhou and Eden Slezin. A lot of the students used personal experiences as the inspiration for their marvelous collections. The Academy of Art University continues to produce amazing innovative fashion designers.


The Academy of Art University is known for producing amazing talents in the art world. Extremely talented individuals like awarding makeup and special effects artist like Rick Baker are among the alumni at this school. They also produced a couple of designers who would go Project Runway and most of them lasted pretty long in the competition. Even celebrities like Heidi Montag and Raven Symone attended the University. Other alumni includes award winning photographers , film directors and actors.


The Academy of Art University is a for profit , privately owned University that is overseen by Elisa Stephens, the granddaughter of the creator Richard S. Stephens.This University offers assoicates, bachelors and masters degrees in Motion Pictures, Fashion, Art History and others forms of Art. They have both a physical Urban campus in San Francisco, California located in the South Market district and they also offer online courses.


The son of the creator Richard S. Stephens, Richard A. Stephens took over the school in 1951 and added an automobile department in the school. This explains why the University also has an Automobile Museum that they own and is operated by the University. Under each new descendant of Richard S. Stephens has grown the population of the students to over 12,000 students. This University has an amazing relationship with Fashion Week in which they have participated in bi-annually for over ten years and they continue to produce incredible talents in many industries.


Malcolm CasSelle and Hard Work

WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) describes a decentralized platform that gives people the ability to join in on virtual game asset marketplace action. The establishment of this platform showcases the strength of in-game items and tokenization. WAX has the ability to lower transaction fees, first and foremost. It also has the ability to set up marketplaces that can accommodate games that used to not be able to handle transfer asset duties.

Malcolm CasSelle is employed as WAX’s President. He has another important job, too. The professional also works for OPSkins as its CIO (Chief Investment Officer). OPSkins is the name of a popular marketplace that focuses on Internet video games and the selling and purchasing of specific components. CasSelle used to operate as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and President of Tronc. Tronc in the past was called Tribune Publishing. CasSelle at that time was in charge of looking after speedy expansion matters that related to digital assets of all kinds.

CasSelle has a lot of education under his belt. He studied computer science extensively when he was younger. He graduated both from Stanford University in Stanford, California and MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This professional also has the distinction of being multilingual. He speaks English fluently as a native. He also, however, has the ability to speak two East Asian languages extremely well. These are Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. This global entrepreneur even had the invaluable opportunity to live and work in Japan when he was a lot younger. He resided in the Land of the Rising Sun for some time back in the beginning of the nineties. That’s when he worked for a company that was called Schroder Securities Ltd. He began working for Schroder Securities Ltd. in the winter of 1991. He stayed with the company until the fall of 1992 as well.

CasSelle is devoted to many different subjects. He cares deeply about things such as technology, science, education, culture and the arts. He’s a person who can talk in considerable detail about everything from executive management and Internet advertising to sales and marketing.

Oxford Club Research Shows that the News Does Not Always Spur Market Crashes

The Oxford Club has been providing its thousands of members market insight for decades, and in a recent article delve into the topic of crashes. As the 30th anniversary of the 1987 crash recently occurred, many are turning their focus to market crashes and their indicators. Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, looks on the day when the Dow plunged over 1,000 points and he witnessed it all as a stockbroker.

There was no major news event that occurred on October 19, 1987, to precipitate the 22.6% loss that happened that day. Similarly, on August 24, 2015, when the Dow collapsed and lost over 1,100 points in the first five minutes of trading, there was no main news of the day.

Although China’s weak opening had already affected trading in Europe. The weakness reported out of Asia did not warrant the mass sell-off that occurred but with digital trading, the speed at which a flash crash can occur is almost immediate.

Members seeking information that is more insightful than what can be found through typical financial media channels have turned to the Oxford Club. This private investment club provides research and analysis that is not readily available through public means. The club has been in existence for multiple decades, and now serves more than 80,000 members around the world.

Private investment clubs afford their members access to information and analysis that can be the difference between being an active participant in the markets and one that watches from the sideline, reacting to everyone else.

The Oxford Club offers a number of its high-level investment reports free of charge, thus allowing everyone to benefit from their experience and insight. These reports vary from stock picking within certain industries to macro-level insights and advice for investors that want to stay ahead of market trends.

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Siteline’s Dedication To Providing Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Siteline is an organization that provides cabinet solution and works on various aspects of home improvements. Recently they worked on Kitchen layouts. A kitchen ought to be a place that is relaxed, and also a place that illustrates a sense of pride and comfort in the household. Almost each if not all members of a family come together to catch up in the kitchen or even the dining room while food is being prepared. Many memories are made from home, and it doesn’t surprise you to reminisce of a moment that happened the kitchen. It is for this reason Siteline Cabinetry offers services that take care of capturing an individual’s tastes and personality.

Designing of the cabinets should follow the criteria of functionality and excellent design suiting one’s taste. Siteline comes in by providing the homeowners a beautiful, stylish composition of cabinets at an affordable price. It has worked on the building by use of the modern instruments and techniques with a combination of native designs. The company through this ensures that tastes and the personal touch of a particular individual are taken into consideration through the client’s have given instructions.

Installation by the firm is unique in such a way that they do not come with branded price tags but rather pre-configure designs according to needs of the customer’s interests. They can also come up with a finish through designers of their own and install it at home. The company gives homeowners control by the various materials ranging from metal door finishes, high-gloss acrylic, and Thermopolis just to name few.

The company’s delivery time is done over a short period as compared to traditional kitchens. Siteline gives you the best so far since they treat customers as investments. To achieve a return on investment means that you need to reap benefits of what you have been sowing. In most cases, projects end after some few weeks, unlike other contracts where you wait. Clients will have full quotations, and you will see how the investment is becoming a fruition at home. What makes Siteline different from the competitors is its dedication to the ambiance. Crafting and custom designing are what they focus on to deliver better results.

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Bruno Fagali – I Recommend Bruno Fagali for Those Seeking a Job or Legal Representation in Brazil

     I recently apologized to my law clients that we have not had a large amount of work available recently. We have had a bit of a slowdown in clients this summer as well; however, we will continue to keep prospects on our list and will notify them when we have new work available.

If you are still interested in work, I know that the Bruno Fagali is currently hiring writers and editors; the email I have for Bruno Fagali is Last I checked, their pay rates are in the ten cents per word range for writing and slightly less per word for editing. Bruno Fagali is the best to work with.

Please make sure to send them a sample of your work when contacting them, and please mention that you were referred to them by Domainite; we have worked with them in the past to hire some of their writers and editors. I already sent them a message notifying them that people would be contacting them so that they will prioritize every application. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

Bruno Fagali – More on the Man of the Law

Bruno Fagali is Founder and CEO of his very own law firm, one which sees more traffic than any other in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has also written and edited countless pieces on legal aspects, dominating his own blog and even employing others to continue the work on his behalf. Indeed, this standing success of a man now has several employees of his own though he is always in search of new talent. He also continues to seek clients on all ends.

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Waiakea Water Curbing Plastic Pollution

By next year, Waiakea Volcanic Water will be using a fully-degradable bottle.The bottle is 100% recyclable and uses Timeplast, the only additive for no-degradation of plastic which is cost negligible. Timeplast breaks plastic’s chemical bonds substituting them with less complicated links which drops the plastic’s lifespan from 1,500 to 15 years. Waiakea is the first water company which willuse Timeplast.

Ryan Emmons, founder, and CEO of Waiakea stated that coming up with the bottle meant approaching polymers differently. The reason why this bottle was never invented before is that for over 70 years most scientific research is done to make plastic strong and better, whereas this bottle was to be made weaker. Secondly, plastic pollution issue is always directed to making them biodegradable, no companies have tried to make their plastic compostable.The plastic is degraded chemically from the manufacturing process to accelerate nature’s process. The plastic is not made biodegradable but rather the polymer is turned into a carbon-based wax.It took the company five years and 1,200 experiments to come up with this bottle. The main challenges they faced was trying to disintegrate 98% of the material without losing its integrity as plastic. Moreover, obtaining the first and only patent on plastic degradation approved by The United States Patent and Trademark Office was a challenge.

Waiakea Water is a Hawaiian company which was founded in 2002. It was established to produce bottled water through unique ways. Ryan Emmons, the founder, got inspired when his family moved around Mauna Loa Volcano where volcanic water is derived. He got an idea of processing and packing the water with creative ways that are harmless to the people.

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Moreover, Waiakea takes part in charitable events. Through its partnership with Pump Aid, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water for every single liter they sell to place with water scarcity problem. Waiakea has contributed over a million gallons of water and has subscribed to “Malam I KaAina” Hawaiian tenant which means “Care for the land.”

Waiakea brand is respected and built on sustainability principle. Ryan is positive that in future Waiakea will be producing the cleanest water. The water will be processed and packaged in a way that is not detrimental to the environment and people.