Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Victoria Doramus Story

A Recovery Expert is an individual who has gone through a rough time such as, an addiction or trauma and has pushed through it to become a better individual who aims to help others fight their addictions and problems. Victoria Doramus is one such individual who has lived through a long tale of drug addiction […]

Why Bruno Fagali Could Be the Best Attorney You Ever Met

     Have you ever found yourself being in a legal trouble in Brazil? If you have, then there is one person who is recognized for competency as a lawyer in the region. Be it about Compliance or Regulatory you can be sure that Bruno Fagali is well equipped to work in your case to get […]

The Work of HCR Wealth Advisors

Finding a solid team to advise you in finances can be challenging. Everyone is not the same when it comes to money so finding the right fit can be challenging. HCR Wealth Advisors has a solid track record with its clients, making them worth your consideration. Based in California, HCR Wealth Advisors has hundreds of […]

Paul Herdsman Provides Valuable Service For Other Entrepreneurs

The start-up and maintenance of a business is a difficult undertaking that should not be taken lightly. Dedication, hard work, and expert knowledge are all needed to be successful in business and these are traits that Paul Herdsman had in abundance.   Paul Herdsman co-founded NICE Global and is the acting chief operating officer of […]

Jed McCaleb Makes Stellar Innovations

Tel Aviv Fintech Week is a four-day event hosting conferences discussing fintech, blockchain technology, and cybersecurity. This particular meeting took place at Rise, which is an innovation center set up in Tel Aviv by Barclay’s Bank. Jed McCaleb discussed the future of blockchain technology as well as his new company, Stellar. McCaleb explains his company’s […]