Betsy DeVos: The Bold Reformer

Betsy DeVos believes in change. She became her political aspirations since she was at Calvin College and has been active ever since. Betsy has been involved in politics for over three decades, and during this time, she has led several campaigns political action committees and party organizations. At some point, Betsy served as the chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Betsy currently serves as the chairman of Windquest Group. This is a company she formed with her husband Dick DeVos in 1989. Windquest Group is an investment company that deals in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology.

In an interview with Philanthropy Table., Betsy DeVos expressed her optimism on the progress of the education-reform movement and private school voucher programs. She noted an increase in private choice programs in 17 states. Betsy pointed out that at the time about 250,000 students were in the schools. She added that the fast growth of the movement and programs could be attributed to people realizing that many traditional public schools are failing. This has led people to start considering radical reforms such as education savings account, tax credits, and vouchers.

Betsy has been part of the movement for a long time, and she says it started when she went with her husband to the Potter’s House Christian School where they saw that parents struggled to pay tuition. They started supporting the kids one at a time, and this eventually grew into a larger commitment. Her husband was elected to the State Board of Education in Michigan in 1990 and shortly after Betsy started a foundation with the aim of helping children from low-income families. She then noticed how wonderful it was to support children, but it could not fix the biggest problem which was the system. She became involved in a political action committee in Michigan and took it national after being supported and advised by her close friends. Check her website for more info at

The American Federation for Children is a school choice advocacy group. The group battles courageously to alter the country’s broken education system by providing guardians and parents with more choices for their kid’s education. Under the leadership of Betsy, AFC has helped more than one million children to be in the school of their parents liking instead of the traditional system which trapped children in their ZIP codes which may not meet the particular needs of a child.

Betsy DeVos encouraged her husband to form a public charter school known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy. She is also involved in the Foundation for Excellence in Education. DeVos has mentored children through Kids Hope USA, which links risk elementary children with adults once a week for about an hour in local churches.