Bruno Fagali – I Recommend Bruno Fagali for Those Seeking a Job or Legal Representation in Brazil

     I recently apologized to my law clients that we have not had a large amount of work available recently. We have had a bit of a slowdown in clients this summer as well; however, we will continue to keep prospects on our list and will notify them when we have new work available.

If you are still interested in work, I know that the Bruno Fagali is currently hiring writers and editors; the email I have for Bruno Fagali is Last I checked, their pay rates are in the ten cents per word range for writing and slightly less per word for editing. Bruno Fagali is the best to work with.

Please make sure to send them a sample of your work when contacting them, and please mention that you were referred to them by Domainite; we have worked with them in the past to hire some of their writers and editors. I already sent them a message notifying them that people would be contacting them so that they will prioritize every application. Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

Bruno Fagali – More on the Man of the Law

Bruno Fagali is Founder and CEO of his very own law firm, one which sees more traffic than any other in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has also written and edited countless pieces on legal aspects, dominating his own blog and even employing others to continue the work on his behalf. Indeed, this standing success of a man now has several employees of his own though he is always in search of new talent. He also continues to seek clients on all ends.

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