Chris Burch Has Consistently Proven To Be A Man Of Many Trades:

Christopher (Chris) Burch is a renowned businessman who has seen success in a number of different areas during his long entrepreneurial career. Originally from the town of Wayne, Pennsylvania, Chris Burch was one of ten other siblings. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer with the firm that he founded – Burch Creative Capital. This company is based in New York City and operates in the area of brand development. The company is also highly successful in the area of managing venture investments. Over his forty-plus years in business, Chris Burch has worked in the fashion industry and real estate as well as having involvement in the film industry. He has also recently added hotelier to his list of accomplishments and his Nihiwatu Resort in Indonesia is currently being hailed as one of the world’s finest hotels, additional information on

Recently, Burch Creative Capital has proudly announced a number of new as well as follow-on investments that the firm was involved in. These included a wide range of different types of businesses. Some of the companies that were involved included Blink Health, Foray Collective and Dirty Lemon. This wide range of investments is really a great display of Chris Burch’s dedication to having a diverse portfolio as far as the companies that he invests in.

Just as things are going strong for Chris Burch at Burch Creative Capital, he also hasn’t slowed down on his fashion industry career and has nine new fashion brands in the works at the moment, check ( Chris also recently launched C. Wonder, a women’s accessory, apparel and lifestyle company. Fashion has always been close to Chris Burch’s heart as it was the first business that he was really heavily involved in. He started selling clothes back when he was studying at Ithaca College in Upstate New York.

One of Chris Burch’s recent major successes is his fabulous five-star resort located in a remote part of Indonesia. The Nihiwatu Resort is located on Sumba, one of the most remote of all the islands of Indonesia and it is receiving constant and glowing reviews from its satisfied customers. Hotel guests come for everything from surfing and fishing to simply wanting to relax in some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Chris Burch himself fell in love with the island and has made major efforts to make sure that the resort is giving back to the local community. In this regard, the resort is now the number one employer on the island, visit