Dealing with the uniqueness of the Brazilian Real Estate-Felipe Montoro Jens

People that understand the world of investing know that one of the best investment vehicles is the real estate market. The best thing about this market is that the cost of property keeps increasing every year. This is attributed to the fact that as the population increases on, the size of the land remains the same and this creates an imbalance between the demand and supply of land. However, there are other factors that have been raining on the sectors parade at; these include poor governance, the lack of proper infrastructure surrounding the property and also the fact that the economy has been bearish and the political climate hostile.

There was a time in the recent past when investors in real estate would create property, give it to the realtors and even get it back without as much as an offer from any prospective buyers. The trick has been coming up with ways of beating the bearish market. Felipe Montoro Jens, is one of the investors in the real estate industry and he has been putting in place various measures that are helping him succeed in the already tough industry. One of the issues on he feels need to be addressed about the sector is the sewerage and water provision part of the business.

Felipe Montoro Jens feels that the situation that has been in the country, whereby 70 percent of the water and sewerage services provision is done by the government, is one of the reasons the delivery is poor. The private sector is needed to do more to provide these services, mainly because when the private sector invests in it, they will be looking at the gains and to earn them, the quality has to go up.

Investors like Felipe Montoro Jens have been applying a few tricks in making sure that their property gets market.