Freedom Checks Controversy

Freedom Checks are an invention of Matt Badiali and even though many doubt its legitimacy, it happens to be an investment scheme whereby people invest with a firm called Master Limited Partnerships. This particular investment plan has nothing to do with the federal government as most people assume because of how it is structured. The Freedom Checks are larger than the average monthly social security payment that people receive, and they have not age limit or income restrictions. For the companies that deal with them, and for them to operate free of tax, they have to generate 90% of their revenue for the production of their products. Additionally, they have to agree to pay out the worthwhile freedom checks to shareholders every year. The Checks are valid mainly in the oil and gas industry. The reason the government facilitated the exception of taxation was to help in maintaining these industries independence and enable them to produce more energy. With the involvement of the government in the plan, it should be evidence enough that the Freedom Checks is not a scam but a legit investment strategy. Matt Badiali got the idea of this strategy from his own experience whereby he made a purchase of shares during a financial crisis and managed to sell them at a profit in the middle of the same crisis. In that case, he identified a business opportunity that would benefit others though in a hidden manner that most people did not understand.

These Checks brought a financial revolution, and 568 companies have met the requirement of issuing them which depicts its acceptance in the market. Either way, the thought of this investment strategy being a fraud makes most individuals fear to become a part of it for any reason whatsoever. Therefore, it means that they miss out on making extra money from the profit that comes with Freedom Checks. For those in the business of oil and gas may it be production, transportation or storage, all the investors need is to buy units of the company through Master Limited Partnerships. In that case, the returns depend on how a specific company performs within a specified period of business. Additionally, it depends on how much one is willing to invest as the larger the investment, the larger the returns. No matter how tricky the Checks may look to the extent of being doubted, those who have ventured into it have reaped big and are grateful for that discovery. Read more: