Gregory Aziz And The Story Of His Success

Would you like to hear about a legacy? There is a man named Gregory Aziz who has done tremendous good with his life. He has always worked hard to get where he needs to be. He has pushed himself to the brink of exhaustion to achieve his success. He is a leader and a Chief Executive Officer. He owns the company, National Steel Car.


Gregory J Aziz has put his heart and soul into the business building it up from essentially, nothing. National Steel Car is known around the world. It has gained a reputation for customer service, reliability, and efficiency. They produce and distribute rail cars that are top of the line. Greg Aziz ensures this is true or the railcars do not leave the company. He rewards his employees and ensures they are taken care of and satisfied with their work environment always.


He hosts multiple charity drives through his company helping the hungry and homeless. He has sponsored many other events as well such as the Anglestone Tournament, an equestrian competition of which his daughter competes regularly. He also sponsors the Hamilton Theater and the Theater Aquarius. He is highly sought after for advice in business, economics, and success. Gregory James Aziz got his start in business at an early age as he watched his family, who owned Affiliated Foods.


He grew up and went to college at the University of Ontario. He graduated with his degree and decided to join his family’s business. He helped them in several ways during his time there even allowing for fresh food to begin being able to be imported and distributed from other countries. He stayed several years before finally moving on to pursue other dreams that he had. When Greg Aziz found National Steel Car, it was on the brink of failure.


Production was at an all-time low resulting in the need for very few employees. Greg was able to increase production and distribution of railcars and hire more workers. They began earning awards for things like safety and efficiency. They started becoming a well-known company and Greg Aziz promised that they would always be raising the bar, setting examples for other companies to follow. See This Page for more information.


Today, Greg continues running his company with the same mindset. He is always looking for ways he and his company are able to improve. With his background in economics, his drive and work ethic, he will no doubt be making National Steel Car a success for as long as he is alive.


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