How Bruno Fagali Fights Corruption In Brazil

     As an experienced attorney in Brazil, Bruno Fagali has focused on anti-corruption among his specialties. Other legal areas that he has extensive experience is includes ethics, administrative law, regulatory law, urban law, advertising law, and compliance. He is a graduate of the University of Sao Paulo. He has also studied the law at Getúlio Vargas Foundation where he earned a number of legal designations.

While earning his college education Bruno Fagali worked at a few law firms around the city of Sao Paulo. Eventually, in July 2016, he established his own law firm he named Fagali Advocacy. At his law firm, Bruno Fagali specializes in compliance, public law, and election anti-corruption. He is brought in to make sure that elections are conducted in a free and fair manner that are free of the corruption that unfortunately is a rather common place thing in Brazil.

Due to his specialization in anti-corruption efforts, the advertising company nova/sb hired Bruno Fagali in December 2015. He is this company’s corporate integrity manager and oversees their efforts to keep corruption out of their business dealings. Nova/sb has a number of contracts with various government entities in Brazil and due to this needs to be sure that all of their deals are free of the influence of corruption.

Nova/sb created a corporate integrity program which was submitted and approved by Brazil’s Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control. This corporate integrity program is managed by Bruno Fagali. Nova/sb is the only advertising agency in Brazil that has had its anti-corruption code of conduct approved by the ministry to date.

Due to the sensitivity of his position at Nova/sb, Bruno Fagali was given a 24-month contract during which he can’t be removed from his position. This is a further safeguard against corruption and assures his position at the agency.