Jim Tone Reveals Entrepreneurs Require Balance to Succeed

Jim Toner has spent more than 25 years in the real estate investment world. He has experienced wild success, making more than a million dollars a year, living in a million-dollar home, driving an expensive car. However, he has also experienced significant failure, being forced to declare bankruptcy. From there, he had to climb his way back to the top, building his business from scratch again.

Jim Toner reveals to ideamensch.com that the secret to overcoming failure is to recognize that everyone, regardless of their situation in life, is thinking and worrying about something. It can be money issues, health issues, or relationship issues. But everyone has something. Because he has faced his own financial crises and has been able to build his success multiple times, he wants to share his knowledge with people, both of the world of entrepreneurs and of real estate investing.

Jim Toner is a popular author of books on entrepreneurship and real estate investing. However, he is also a dedicated speaker and consultant. He has traveled around the country imparting his advice on building a business and the possibilities of real estate investment as a path to financial freedom. People will often spend upwards of $15,000 to hear his advice. He also has private consulting groups and clients, though the wait list is always long.

He feels one necessity that entrepreneurs require to succeed is balance. Especially these days, it is common for entrepreneurs and employees alike to brag about how much they are working. However, Toner reveals that working 24/7 is likely to lead that person to burnout. Burnout doesn’t lead to success.

One his own ways of staying balanced is by rising early and spending at least half an hour just thinking. After that he goes to the gym to work out while listening to podcasts or reading. He feels that the freedom of ideas revealed in podcasts is a trend worth following. Not only is the information usually free, but it allows people to learn the latest ideas from the top experts around the world.

He also feels it is important to ditch the to-do list. He focuses instead on priorities and simply goes with the flow. This allows him to switch between writing his next book, writing the sales copy for his programs, recording his podcast or radio show and traveling to different seminars to speak.

Jim Toner himself has a radio show where he presents information on real estate investing and entrepreneurship. A major key to bringing such diverse ideas to life is to spend less time thinking about the ideas and more time implementing. It is through experimentation, through testing, and yes, even through failing that one begins to understand what works. He suggests that though some ideas will fail, many will work. The wins can change an entrepreneur’s whole attitude on life.

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