Jim Toner Talks About Why He Left And Then Re-Entered Real Estate Investing

Jim Toner is a businessman who made a name for himself as a real estate investor. This eventually led to him starting a business where he coaches up business owners. He is well known in the industry for his Creating Wealth 101 system which many people have used to build lucrative careers in real estate.

After he had been in the industry for 25 years he was pretty sure he had seen everything there is to see in regards to real estate. He started by doing no money down wholesale deals and then progressed from there. However, he says he got seriously burned in 2010 which led to him leaving real estate. He says the worst that happened to him that year was getting conned by a nationally known self-described “guru”. They seemed legit because they had been on Fox News National and a bunch of professional athletes were clients of his.

Getting taken in resulted in real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner and his clients having all of their money stolen by this guru. Between this happening and being tired of dealing with ridiculous government regulations and how the gurus were a bunch of frauds. He instead started his business teaching other entrepreneurs how to build their revenues and profits. One of the ways he taught was to use “celebrity positioning” to boost sales. He wrote a book about this called, “Send in the Wolves” which went on to popular success.

A friend convinced him to get back into real estate. Jim Toner laid out some ground rules, though. He first was that he would handpick the real estate markets he and his investors would operate in. He says that the gurus are wrong and some real estate markets really are substantially better than other ones. He also would personally find and then recruit the best local investors in those markets he had identified as great ones.

Jim Toner says that there are too many lies and half-truths told in the real estate industry. He says if you invest the right way there is a lot of money to be made. It’s important to avoid the gurus, charlatans, and other people who just want to make money for themselves, not their customers. Learn more about Toner on Facebook.