Lime Crime, Doe Deere and Her Bold and Whimsical Colors


Lime Crime is a cosmetic company with an incredible story. Most of it is how much the values has resulted in the unique images posted by their Instagram profile. The company became an instant success in Instagram after it attracted two million followers. The incredible achievement made by the company happened in less than a year. Follows of the makeup company today submit pictures of themselves wearing bold-colored lipsticks, nail polish and eye shadows. Customers of the company are people who are inspired by others who choose to undertake the bold fashion statement. Doe Deere, the company founder and blog curator, loves to showcase and wear her products. She has demonstrated the level of creativity the company has created.


Lime Crime’s latest signature comes with the Bloodmoon Velvetine formula, a deep dark red color mixed with lavender gray. The new red color features a Halloween October look that can be worn all year round. Apart from these and other bold colors, Doe Deere has often stated that her favorite color is green. She always wanted to develop a brand with that color. That is how she came up with the name of her product Lime Crime, crime-defining breaking traditional fashion rules and norms. Her products have created both a controversy and popularity in the fashion industry. However,


While her makeup style is one that is unique and bold, she has managed to amass thousands of likes and followers. Most of her fans have learned to go bold with their colors fearlessly. In one makeup video tip, Doe Deere creates the rainbow colors and adds yellow lipstick to create a bold look. Doe has always advised everyone to stay true to themselves and their colors. While a dull color could be ideal for someone, a bright color could be a heaven for the next person. She advises all of her fans to make a bold fashion statement as they use the makeup, and to follow them on Facebook.

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  • Kamila Cannon says:

    Doe believes that everyone should be free to use color in whatever way they desire. Her fans, who she refers to as unicorns, seem to live in a fantasy world with tons of bold colors. It is the brightest the rushmyessay which is a very serious most people don’t understand too.