Luiz Carlos Trabuco; A Notable Figure In The Growth Of Bradesco Bank

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco is one of the people who is regarded as very important when it comes to the contribution of economic and social development of Brazil. He is the former president of Bank Bradesco one of the most elegant banks in Brazil. His significant contribution to the growth of the bank can be related to the development of the living standards if many people in the world through the provision of employment opportunities and through philanthropic work that the bank does as a way of contributing community welfare.

One thing that makes Luiz Carlos Trabuco so significant at Bank Bradesco is that he had served in the bank since he was a young person when he joined the bank as a clerk. When he was a clerk, he helped increase the bank’s communication system by increasing its connection with the media. As a result, the banks market was able to expand.

Due to his hard work and his potential to contribute to the achievement of the bank’s goals, he was able to be raised to higher ranks at the company where he was appointed to be the marketing director of the company and the managing director. After this, he served in many positions in the bank before he was elected as the president of the whole bank.

Some of the achievements that Luiz Trabuco had as a leader and one of the most credited members of the company is that when he was the president of Bradesco Seguros, he was able to introduce Bank Bradesco Shares to the New York Stock Exchange market. This made the bank to make a significant step to its success since its market share increased drastically thus leading to the increase in the cash flows of the company.

Recently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was replaced by Octavio De Lazaro who was the vice president at Bradesco Seguros. According to the bank’s culture and traditions, the Chief Executive Officer and the president of the company should be elected from the executive members of the company after a successful meeting of the shareholders of the company.

In one of Luiz Carlos Trabuco discussions in the media, he says that the company should elect the leader of the company who will be able to maintain or increase the position that the bank has in the global market. Octavio De Lazio after being elected, he said that his primary objective is to continue the legacy that Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Mr. Brandao one of the former presidents left in the company.

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