Malcolm CasSelle and Hard Work

WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) describes a decentralized platform that gives people the ability to join in on virtual game asset marketplace action. The establishment of this platform showcases the strength of in-game items and tokenization. WAX has the ability to lower transaction fees, first and foremost. It also has the ability to set up marketplaces that can accommodate games that used to not be able to handle transfer asset duties.

Malcolm CasSelle is employed as WAX’s President. He has another important job, too. The professional also works for OPSkins as its CIO (Chief Investment Officer). OPSkins is the name of a popular marketplace that focuses on Internet video games and the selling and purchasing of specific components. CasSelle used to operate as the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and President of Tronc. Tronc in the past was called Tribune Publishing. CasSelle at that time was in charge of looking after speedy expansion matters that related to digital assets of all kinds.

CasSelle has a lot of education under his belt. He studied computer science extensively when he was younger. He graduated both from Stanford University in Stanford, California and MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This professional also has the distinction of being multilingual. He speaks English fluently as a native. He also, however, has the ability to speak two East Asian languages extremely well. These are Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. This global entrepreneur even had the invaluable opportunity to live and work in Japan when he was a lot younger. He resided in the Land of the Rising Sun for some time back in the beginning of the nineties. That’s when he worked for a company that was called Schroder Securities Ltd. He began working for Schroder Securities Ltd. in the winter of 1991. He stayed with the company until the fall of 1992 as well.

CasSelle is devoted to many different subjects. He cares deeply about things such as technology, science, education, culture and the arts. He’s a person who can talk in considerable detail about everything from executive management and Internet advertising to sales and marketing.