Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks: What Will They Do For You?

It was recently when the media came up with something that is new. They are referring it as “Freedom Checks.” if you are a radio listener, then you must have heard about it. It was an ad when Matt Badiali was seen holding a check looking similar to the tax refund from the government. People saw the ad and most of them thought it as a scam, or get a rich quick scheme which could only work for a tiny percentage of people or only those trying to gain from the program. Some instincts came because of the ads nature which brought over excitement in the concept. How could the government write a check for individual citizen without a reason? It didn’t look possible thing to do. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The confusion about the Freedom Checks are coming they are not being understood. The other thing is that people might not be knowing who Matt Badiali is. What could make him the qualified man for the opportunity? In addition, how could an average person know that Freedom Checks is legit?

When we talk about Matt Badiali, then we are talking of a financial analyst. He has a geology background which we can say that he is much ahead of most people. After attending Penn State University, he was awarded a degree in Bachelor of Science after having studied Earth Sciences. He later went to Florida Atlantic University for Master of Science specializing in Geology. He is a man who has worked for many countries that are dealing with mining. He has visited countries like Turkey, Singapore, Iraq, Switzerland and many more.

What can be said about Freedom Checks that is different from other known scams is that it talks about investment. This is because they were even introduced in a newsletter dealing with investments. What they promise is that you have a chance to receive a lot of money from something that they need to sell to you. It means that no one is giving away free money.

When there was a crash in the stock market in 2008, Matt Badiali is the man who embarked to venture with ambitious. He had purchase stock that was in Kaminak Gold Corp. It was not a wise decision according to his family and friends. While the stock was decreasing his was increasing. He purchased it at $0.06 in 2008 and after gaining momentum he sold at $ 2.64 making a great profit. Read: