Mike Baur- A Person Youth Looks Up To

Mike Baur is an exceptionally talented individual having extensive skills and knowledge in the field of finance and banking. His hard work and the story of success are a motivation to others. His love for finance and banking started when he was just a teenager and has around 20 years of working experience in the field of banking which led him to utilize funds and resources efficiently and is reflected by his decision of starting his own company.


The man began his career at UBS, where he worked as a commercial apprentice. After that, he made his way to top and became a board member of a larger private bank. He is an MBA graduate from the University Of Rochester New York, he also holds an MBA Executive from the University of Berne.


At the age of 39 in the year 2014, Mike Baur realized his entrepreneurship capabilities and founded The Swiss Startup factory along with two other partners. The Swiss Start-up Factory started his entrepreneurial journey. He is currently CEO of this company. The Swiss Startup factory is the No 1 independent early stage ICT Swiss start-up accelerator. It also privately finances startups. The company is one of a kind as it is privately owned. This company provides the role of a mentor and helps and supports them out financially to help achieve their goals.


At the heart of Zurich, The Swiss Startup Factory provides exhilarating services and support to exciting digital entrepreneurs. It is a globally knows financial organization that provides one of a kind service to its clients, which are mostly young digital entrepreneurs looking for a platform and financial for their startup. They provide great support from day one with their strong network throughout Switzerland and also around the globe.


Usually, they run a three month accelerator program in which they provide a unique set of services to young entrepreneurs such as coaching, mentoring, beautiful office space and etc. They also provide the young entrepreneurs with great connections with an entrepreneurial network to achieve their ambitious motivated targets. Mike Baur within The Swiss Startup Factory is responsible for managing funds and also leads fundraising and financing rounds.


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