Mike Heligenstein Discusses the Austin Traffic State with Bizjournals

Mike Heiligenstein was recently interviewed by Bizjournals about the state of traffic in Austin. He was sked about the case of State Highway 130, to which he responded by saying that that is a complex case.

Mike Heligenstein commented that the SH130 cannot be expanded in most areas. He also pointed out that in fact a high percentage of traffic was caused from the local. Incoming traffic was almost insignificant on the poor state of the highway.

Heiligenstein said that the only sure way to improve things was to increase capacity of the roads. Meaning that locals have to wiling to move towards multi-modal means and a decrease in car and truck demand.

Bizjournals also asked him of the poor performance of toll roads. To this Heiligenstein responded by saying that people should stop relying solely on toll roads, as the answer.

Every tool, which can be used to improve the situation, should be used. Toll roads is only one of the solutions and is indeed doing well. He gave an example of construction that they had purely done using user revenue instead of relying on taxes.

About Mike Heligenstein

Mike Heligenstein is Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s Executive Director. He has been working with CTRMA since the year 2003. During the over 14-years tenure at the Mobility Authority, he has managed to build the first-ever toll road for the agency. He continues to manage an asset worth over $1 billion, which is hoped to be used in the expansion of these toll road.

Mike Heiligenstein studied at the University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in Government. From the same institution, he also attained his postgraduate degree in Business Administration.

And, after that he worked as a Round Rock City Council Member. Later he worked as a commissioner for Williamson County. The thirty years that he worked in these two institutions equipped him to be the best man for the CTRMA director job. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: http://www.mobilityauthority.com/about/executive-director.php


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority was established in the year 2003. It is an independent multi-modal government agency. It was created with the aim of solving traffic problems in Williamson and Travis counties.

The Mobility Authority is run by a board of seven members. The Governor appoints the chair and the other members are appointed by the two counties, each appointing three members.