Hospital Copa Star Provides A New Concept In Health Care

Hospital Copa Star provides technology along with sophistication. It is an exclusive place with a high level of luxury. In fact, Copa Star is providing a complete differential regarding medical care.

Hospital Copa Star has provided a new address in Rio de Janeiro for medical assistance. This hospital is located at Figueiredo Magalhães Street. This is in Copacabana, South Zone.

It is a venture of Rede D’Or São Luiz. This is a concept that is all about sophistication. This is clearly evident from the architectural design that is highly exquisite. There is ample luxury as well as technology here for the treatment and upkeep of patients’ health and comfort. In addition, efforts are made to provide tranquility and peace of mind to the patient’s relatives and companions.

All this is very important for patients. After all, sick people are always looking for the utmost in healthcare. Besides, comfort and relaxed atmosphere help people to recuperate faster. This is a unique concept in healthcare that is being welcomed by all.

There is a trained team of professionals here. This is because the Hospital Copa Star endeavors to provide an environment that imparts personalized attention, good care as well as genuine hospitality. This kind of functionality is possible only when the staff is trained well and experienced enough.

There is a Smart Hospitality system in the Hospital Copa Star. There is an Ipad that has an exclusive application for its patients. With this application, patients can talk with their doctors directly. They can even access their examination records. Also, they can even request for any services of the nurse. All these mark a highly important differential in the healthcare segment.

In addition, such technology provides autonomy that has never been experienced in any other hospital. The technology can provide automation that ensures perfect functionality of various departments. The technological innovations include the patient being able to control his bed, lighting of his room, the opening of curtains and so on. Hence the patient is not dependent on others for such things. This makes the patient happy. Besides, he can personalize his recovery environment.

These are simple things that make a lot of difference to the morale and recovery process of a patient. In fact, this difference is already being noticed by patients, their relatives, friends, healthcare professionals and others. This is why hospital Copa Star is creating so much buzz in Rio.

There is an added functionality with regard to the design of this hospital. Besides, safety, as well as discretion, marks a differential here. The design is innovative as it provides an enclosed area to allow for the easy and smooth flow of stretchers and other hospital equipment. This allows for easy movement of healthcare professionals and enhances agility in various hospital procedures.

In addition to sophistication, there is an enhanced environment due to the presence of works of art in Copa Star. This adds to the decorative value of this place. This also helps to reduce anxiety in patients and contributes towards positive responses. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Roberto Santiago Created A Mall The Size Of A Small City To Attract All Types Of Shoppers

One of the principal shopping locations in Brazil happens to be Manaira Shopping. The mall is owned and founded by Roberto Santiago. Roberto enjoys doing whatever he can to structure flourishing associations with his many shoppers. Manaira mall takes advantage of a successful business model by making available a massive amount of facilities, dining, and entertaining ranges to their numerous shoppers. Robert’s idea for the mall is simply to present to shoppers a rich array of genuine Brazilian cooking within sight of fabulous beaches, and a beyond compare ambiance in Paraiba. They’re located in the northeastern segment of Brazil and are well-known for their friendliness.

Mr. Santiago is aware that giving shoppers enjoyment and festivity are two important features of having a booming enterprise. His mall puts forth a whole host of collections to give pleasure to shoppers at his mall; including families who hunt for serenity, bliss and ecstasy as they conduct numerous tours all over the city. Mr. Santiago’s mall has an amply planned theater, bowling, amusement rides, and a spacious ballroom for those who prefer to dance.

When shoppers cross the threshold of a mall designed by Roberto Santiago, they right away take notice of the astonishingly large theater. Manaira mall has an eleven room cinema, each room is supplied with modern equipment. The theater has many VIP rooms, rooms designated for watching 3D movies, and stadium style construction for their seating. Their dedicated focus on the seating construction gives a better presentation experience for customers. The cinema features a vendor that supplies an array of refreshments, candies and customized catering.

Manaira mall has a rare 1800 square meter park area for amusement rides named aptly Game Station. Their amusement park advertises over 200 gaming systems and includes a bowling alley, that is completely electronic.

They have a very room location for shoppers who like to work out, sit for a live show or study an academic course. In Paraiba, Mr. Santiago furnished a mall that has far more than any other mall on the globe offers.

They incorporate an area for eating branded as the Gourmet Space. There is a very accommodating variety of food to choose from, and a food court to stay current with the variety of shopper’s interests.

The mall is well-known for their concert hall centered on their rooftop, the Domus Hall. The concert hall is the largest in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba’s capital city. The Domus Hall incorporates some of the latest avant-garde audio insulation, and up to date sound equipment as well, and they can accommodate 4,000 shoppers who are seated, or an undreamed of 10,000 people if they are standing. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

Successes At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the leader in the public safety industry, and they want the public to be able to see what they do up close. They have invited the people to visit their complex in Dallas, TX for a presentation and a tour. The ones whom attend will be able to ask questions about the technology the company is working, and what it will be used for. They think this is a great way for the people to find out more about how their safety is being protected.


The latest technology that Securus Technologies put out is called the Wireless Containment Solution. The Wireless Containment Solution is working very well in the correction facilities that are using it all across the country. It is stopping crimes before they happen, by intercepting the inmates that using the network to connect with people outside the facility to commit crimes. These crimes of all different types, and can be completed with help from the outside people.


There were other companies that tried to create technology like this, but they were not successful. They did not have the expertise or knowledge to complete the project. That is why Securus Technologies is the leader of the group that works in the public safety field. They are able to complete very difficult tasks and always to the highest of standards. Their dedicated staff works hard to complete any mission they are sent on, making this a company to watch in the future. They are going to do more and more for the country and world with safety measures and new technologies.


Securus Technologies is a company that takes pride in what it does. They are a leader in the public safety field, and they are known all over the globe for what they do. The company works in both the civil and criminal justice sectors, and they are always do work for the government. They deal with over a million prisoners regularly, and they create new and viable technologies for the safety field on a weekly basis. Their employees are dedicated to making the world a safer place, and the future for the company especially promising with many successes.



Todd Lubar Business Advice

There are a lot of people in the world of business who will offer advice on a variety of subjects. If you want to have success in business, learning from someone who has actually done it is a great idea. Todd Lubar is the type of person who is always willing to help others. Not only does he invest in their lives with his time, but he will also put up his own money at times to help get a business going. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work that he has put in to succeed. From the time his career started, Todd Lubar has had a dream to succeed at a high level. After many years of struggle, he is finally at the point that he is seeing his hard work get rewarded.

Todd Lubar

When he first started out in the business world, things were much harder for him than they are now. There are a lot of people who look up to his hard work and success over the years. Not only that, but he truly wants to make an impact on the world. That is why he spends so much time and money in the local community trying to help others. There are a lot of people who look up to the hard work that he has put in to get others to the next level. If you want to make an impact in business, you need to work in an industry where you can have passion for helping others get to the next level.

Next Steps

There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that Todd Lubar is putting in. Not only is he starting to expand his business reach, but he wants to help others as well. He is spending a lot of time with people who are trying to get ahead in life. There are many people who are excited about the changes that he is making in his business. If you are ready to build a great business, Todd Lubar is the person you should learn from.

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Squaw Valley Statement

It was first reported on Nov. 8 to the Placer County Department of Health, that E. coli and coliform bacteria were found in the drinking water at Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley has now issued an extended statement addressing the matter. The contamination was found exclusively at upper mountain and the issue was quickly acted upon, as the site has consistently been treated, showing steady progress. There are no longer signs of E. coli in the affected wells, but three wells still show coliform in the water. There have been no reports of health incidents at upper mountain, although full skiing remains available to guests. Although they maintain that progress is being made, they are keeping the health of their customers at the forefront, and are not allowing anyone to use the drinking water and restaurants remain closed.

In their statement, Squaw Valley traced the root of their recently updated water system’s contamination to a heavy rain storm, that ultimately led to flooding. There were no other water systems affected at Squaw Valley and none of the contaminated water ever reached the public, as the problem was quickly discovered during a routine maintenance check. The Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted directly after the contamination was discovered, and in order to further expedite the process, water safety experts were consulted. Squaw Valley does not plan on returning to their regular water usage schedule until all issues with the drinking water are completely resolved. Safety continues to be the primary concern at Squaw Valley, and as guests will have full access to facilities, complimentary bottled water will be available. The guests will remain abreast of how the situation is progressing, as representatives at Squaw Valley will provide updates. Squaw Valley thank’s Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for the incredible assistance they’ve provided throughout this situation.

Securus Technologies Customers Give Feedback On How Their Products Have Stopped Crime

It’s been quite a year for Securus Technologies who has been a leading provider of inmate communication and correctional facility security technologies. They’ve been dealing with complaints from rival company GTL Communications, had employees who have received high level certifications for installing equipment, and now have received thank you letters and testimonials from customers who have benefited from their service. The customers are correctional facility staff and administrators who have used advanced monitoring programs and software that has picked up all kinds of crime plans from minor contraband smuggling operations, to dangerous threats of violence and riots planned in various prisons.

For example, one correctional administrator found out that one of his officers was aiding inmates in a bribery and corruption case. Another found out that two youngsters on the outside of a call between to inmates had information about a local shooting that they said will be instrumental in helping investigators. Another uncovered information leading to drug money and illegal assets that a local sheriff’s department had been frantically searching for without any luck. These are just a few examples of how Securus has kept prison staff and even other inmates safe.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas Texas and has been in business for over 30 years. They’ve primarily helped inmates stay connected with family members through partnerships with local telecommunications providers, and installing elaborate communications media and high security infrastructure. Securus has kiosks where inmates can make digital purchases such as electronic music, movies, signup for college courses, or make legal purchases. Most notable has been their video visitation platform that allows inmates to have face time with family or friends without their visitors having to leave their homes. This development has led to higher morale among inmates doing their time, and has helped lower recidivism rates.

Magnises Getting Better with Time

In this competitive world, the young people working in competitive industries such fashion, finance and technology only get to learn about their free time some few minutes before the break. What’s even worse is that these young people cannot access most of the services and products being offered in town. Instead, the good and expensive services are left for the old and the rich. This was during the past, and things have changed. Since the invention of Magnises by Billy McFarland, young people can get to enjoy the best services and at affordable prices. But how is this even possible? To ensure that the young people enjoy, Magnises has partnered with various businesses to make this possible.

The annual subscription fee for this service is $ 250, and it’s worth every penny. With Magnises, you get to enjoy treats of a lifetime. Billy McFarland designed this card so that the users can enjoy the best deals on hotels and bars as well as restaurants. Billy was born in New York but spent his childhood in New Jersey. He established his first company at the age of 12 years and later sold it to investors. While studying at the University majoring in computer engineering, Billy founded another company called the Spling. This was a firm that specialized in making URLs look more appealing. The business was a hit as he received notable clients such as the Universe. He did not stop there but decided to drop out of college and establish another company. This time, he established the Magnises.

As of today, he has managed to attract over 10, 000 followers found in two major cities. He mainly focuses on New York and Washington DC although he says that he will expand into other cities in the United States of America. Billy designed this facility to target the young people aged between 20 and 34 years. Magnises offers millennia’s an opportunity to mingle and experience the best deals. Magnises has a huge social media presence. On Instagram, the service has over 200,000 followers and also has notable followers on Facebook and Twitter. With new and better services year in year out, the service is set to grow in the coming years.

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Wessex Institute of Technology Publishes Many Journals

Those who know and love science will find that the Wessex Institute of Technology offers many high quality journals for them to peruse. The journals published by this organization are some of the most prestigious in the entire academic world. Each journal only accepts articles from valid sources that provide readers with materials that are intended to be both thought provoking and accurate at the same time. The many journals published by the Technology institute include The International Journal of Energy Production and Management, The International Journal of Transport Development and Integration, and The International Journal of Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements.

High Standards For Publication

Each article published in the journals here is carefully vetted in order to make sure that it is accurate and correct. Scientists all over the world are invited to submit materials in order for the editors to review it. The result are journals that are known to be of high quality and well written. Each article is examined by well known scientists in the field before it is accepted for any possible publication. As a result of such scrutiny, many scientists have found it useful to subscribe to the journals published by this institute.

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Anesthesiology & The Leading Service Provider in the Nation

Life is the most precious gift of all and can’t be debated. Unfortunately accidents happen in life on a regular basis that requires urgent medical attention. If the person’s injury is extremely severe, surgery may be required. This is where anesthesiology comes into play and it’s a game changer for both the patient and physician. Now the patient can get through the ordeal without any pain which is a lifesaver in a sense.

The top anesthesiology organization in the nation is Capital Anesthesiology Association and it has been since 1973. The institution is huge as it hosts over 130 certified Registered Nurses and over 80 Physicians whom are specialized in anesthesiology. Any and all patients will receive the safest and most comfortable environment while having their medical needs tended to. Every doctor and nurse here are board certified or aspiring to be board certified as CAA covers up to 20 medical facilities in the Austin, Texas Statistical Area. What facilities are covered?

  • Level 1 Trauma Centers
  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • High Acuity Hospitals

Many of the nurses and physicians have acquired specialized training in obstetrics, pediatrics, cardiothoracic divisions. CAA has the capabilities to cover anyone at anytime and prides themselves for being the best. Some of the medical facilities being served are Seton Northwest Hospital, Dell Children’s Medical Center, Seton Hayes, Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, and more. The future of anesthesiology looks bright and Capital Anesthesiology Association is in firm control of it all.

Follow them on Twitter: @capanesth

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Sujit Choudhry is Advancing the Concept of Comparative Constitutional Law on a Global Scale

Comparative law is a specialty that focuses on comparing legal system. It addresses issues such as human rights, criminal law, labor relations, intellectual property protection, and the environment. Studying other legal systems has become a popular trend across the globe since it allows scholars to master their laws and to offer lasting solutions to legal challenges that become more global.

Comparative Law is a technique of viewing legal issues, legal systems, and the complete legal systems in a unique way. By utilizing that technique, it becomes easy to make observations and to understand the relationship that exists between various legal systems.

Relevance of comparative law

Comparative law studies the constitutive elements of legal systems and their differences. Studies of branches of comparative law such as comparative commercial law, administrative law, and civil law fall into two categories: macro-comparative and micro-comparative. The objectives of comparative law include:

  • To gain a deeper mastery of the legal systems in operation
  • To facilitate the union of diverse legal systems
  • To improve the legal systems in operation

Comparative law differs from other areas of general jurisprudence and international law such as private international law and public international law. It helps global legal institutions like the United Nations System to analyze laws of diverse countries concerning their treaty responsibilities.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law who has specialized in comparative constitutional law. He joined UC Berkeley School of Law as the Dean in 2014 and relinquished his position in March 2016. Choudhry is one of the individuals of Indian origin to serve as a dean of a leading law school based in the United States. He served as a lecturer at the New York University School of Law.

Early life and academic qualifications

Choudhry was born to Nanda and Nushi in 1970. He spent his boyhood life in New Delhi and relocated to Canada. His father was a specialist in economics at the University of Toronto while his mother served as a nursing teacher. Choudhry and his brother, Niteesh, have followed the footsteps of their parents. Niteesh sits on the board of the Harvard Medical School. Choudhry is an alumnus of McGill University and the University of Toronto Schools. He joined the University of Oxford and earned a bachelor’s degree in law and, later on, received his LL.B from the distinguished University of Toronto. Choudhry became an authority in the field of law after graduating from the prestigious Harvard Law School with an LL.M.