Paul Herdsman Provides Valuable Service For Other Entrepreneurs

The start-up and maintenance of a business is a difficult undertaking that should not be taken lightly. Dedication, hard work, and expert knowledge are all needed to be successful in business and these are traits that Paul Herdsman had in abundance.


Paul Herdsman co-founded NICE Global and is the acting chief operating officer of the company which provides business solutions for businesses that operate nearshore. NICE Global was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Paul Herdsman, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and now lives in Florida, explains that he was not sure how to manage employees in Jamaica and was unsure at times how the infrastructure would hold up but says that the experience has been great.


Led by Paul Herdsman, NICE Global helps companies achieve a variety of actions that are extremely vital to business functions such as customer retention, lowering overhead, and increasing revenue. The facilitate this aid by outsourcing customer support, after-hours and technical support, back-office operations, and other valuable services.


NICE Global also addresses another issue that is troublesome to many customers and that is the problem of calling a company when closes and a machine answers that do not respond properly to voice commands. Paul Herdsman and NICE Global provide answering services that allow customers to speak with live operators on every call.


Paul Herdsman knows that no entrepreneur can run a top performing business alone and must consistently recruit top-quality employees to function. NICE Global helps with this by providing a referral program that takes the guesswork away from employers by conducting qualification and background checks on potential employees and also complete interviews by phone and in person before a prospect can be deemed fit. See Related Link for additional information.


When asked about his own hiring practices Paul Herdsman says that he has learned to always hire employees

that are more intelligent than himself. He’s even willing to share his Business Tips, to established and aspiring entrepreneurs alike who wants to be successful like himself.



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