Paul Herdsman: The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Owning a successful business and operating a successful business are two separate things. Anyone can own a business but being able to perform the day-to-day tasks is what fuels the business. When it comes to entrepreneurs, there are a ton of individuals that fall under this category.


Paul Herdsman just so happens to be one of those individuals, and he has the knowledge to help your business become much more successful. This Kingston-native is the COO and Co-Founder of NICE Global. This particular company is actually a business solutions company. Nice Global specializes in helping other companies with lowering overhead costs, boosting revenue streams and retaining customers.


To be perfectly honest, prior to founding NICE Global, Paul Herdsman had no general experience in actually owning a business. “I didn’t know how to manage things, and I wasn’t too familiar with infrastructure,” said Herdsman. This is why studying your craft is so crucial to attaining success. Herdsman grabbed the bull by the horn, no pun intended.


Paul Herdsman has brought in a sense of hard work, dedication and know-how. NICE Global is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, but Herdsman now resides in the state of Florida. This extraordinary company does a great job of providing support to companies, which will make them more efficient. In other words, NICE Global can provide email services, technical support, after-hours support, back-office operations and many more.


The Keys To Building A Successful Business is to invest in your employees, create a work/family culture, find the best individuals for the job and reward the employees on a job well-done. Go Here for more information about Paul Herdsman.