Rick Shinto: A Seasoned Executive at InnovaCare

Rick Shinto is an essential tool at InnovaCare Health. He became the part of the InnovaCare team together with some other two executives who were added to the organization. He serves as the firm as the chief executive officer and resident. His medical career kicked off a long time ago as a pulmonologist in the regions of Southern California. It is after this that he continued to grow in his career and profession. He has written very educative and influential articles on healthcare and clinical medicine issues. Rick Shinto has a medical degree received from the University of New York. He gladly holds a B.S from the renowned University of California. Rick’s education did not stop there, but he moved on to get an M.B.A from the famous University of Redlands.


Since his welcome in the InnovaCare institution, Rick continues to foster excellence and growth. He is acknowledged for being a valuable pillar and advocate for change within the organization that renders the company to continue enjoying their success even today. Rick is optimistic that the company will grow into more markets and make significant improvements that are likely, to sum up to general patient benefits. Rick became the chief executive officer in 2012, and since that time, he has continually inspired many others towards giving their best in the industry. Rick Shinto has painted a better picture in the healthcare system whenever patients can see the doctors at an affordable price. As a result, many average individuals in Puerto Rico are capable of getting medical services without straining. The implementation of the use of technologies in their services has improved the quality of services given. Many residents and individuals prefer the company’s insurance cover such firms for quality and affordable care plans.


Rick Shinto was previously a chief executive officer and president of Aveta from before he joined InnovaCare executive team. While at Aveta, Rick earned the year award for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year. The award was a symbol of excellence in the provision of services, and it honored all the entrepreneurs who would show forth their dedication towards success. The success is seen from the dimension of financial performance, innovative mind, and community service. Mr. Rick was humbled on reception of the prestigious award. Rick also served in other executive capacities before joining Aveta as the chief medical officer in California at NAMN. His busy career has landed him at InnovaCare health.