Roberto Santiago Created A Mall The Size Of A Small City To Attract All Types Of Shoppers

One of the principal shopping locations in Brazil happens to be Manaira Shopping. The mall is owned and founded by Roberto Santiago. Roberto enjoys doing whatever he can to structure flourishing associations with his many shoppers. Manaira mall takes advantage of a successful business model by making available a massive amount of facilities, dining, and entertaining ranges to their numerous shoppers. Robert’s idea for the mall is simply to present to shoppers a rich array of genuine Brazilian cooking within sight of fabulous beaches, and a beyond compare ambiance in Paraiba. They’re located in the northeastern segment of Brazil and are well-known for their friendliness.

Mr. Santiago is aware that giving shoppers enjoyment and festivity are two important features of having a booming enterprise. His mall puts forth a whole host of collections to give pleasure to shoppers at his mall; including families who hunt for serenity, bliss and ecstasy as they conduct numerous tours all over the city.

When shoppers cross the threshold of a mall designed by Roberto Santiago, they right away take notice of the astonishingly large theater. Manaira mall has an eleven room cinema, each room is supplied with modern equipment. The theater has many VIP rooms, rooms designated for watching 3D movies, and stadium style construction for their seating. Their dedicated focus on the seating construction gives a better presentation experience for customers. The cinema features a vendor that supplies an array of refreshments, candies and customized catering.

Manaira mall has a rare 1800 square meter park area for amusement rides named aptly Game Station. Their amusement park advertises over 200 gaming systems and includes a bowling alley, that is completely electronic.

They have a very room location for shoppers who like to work out, sit for a live show or study an academic course. In Paraiba, Mr. Santiago furnished a mall that has far more than any other mall on the globe offers.

There is a very accommodating variety of food to choose from, and a food court to stay current with the variety of shopper’s interests.

The mall is well-known for their concert hall centered on their rooftop, the Domus Hall. The concert hall is the largest in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba’s capital city. The Domus Hall incorporates some of the latest avant-garde audio insulation, and up to date sound equipment as well, and they can accommodate 4,000 shoppers who are seated, or an undreamed of 10,000 people if they are standing. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

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