Roseann Bennett And The Potential For More Therapy


At some point in time there is going to be a need for therapy. All adults experience different things in life that may require them to reach out to a counselor that can help them combat the issues that they are experiencing. This is where

Roseann Bennett takes a seat at the table in the New Jersey area. This is a licensed therapist that has been counseling couples and families for close to a decade.


Bennett works for the company that she co-founded, the Center for Treatment and Assessment. This is where she has become much more engaged in the concept of therapy by creating a multitude of programs for people that may be in need of help.


Roseann Bennett has also been able to create programs for student training as well. There are a lot of possibilities that exist for getting help, but many people are unaware of the resources that are out there.


Roseann Bennett has taken the time to help people gain a much greater awareness of the various programs if they are willing to consider getting help. Mental health awareness is something that people are conversing about. It is a subject that people will tweet and post about. Roseann Bennett wanted to take things one step further and give people the chance to get the help that they needed. Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A.


She maintains the clinical caseload for the Center for Assessment and Treatment. She also supervises the employees for this agency. She has been able to take on a plethora of different roles over the years because she is someone that has been in the midst of creating staff development programs in student training. Roseann has become part of the New Jersey community, and she has shined a large spotlight on martial counseling, family therapy and mental health awareness. Read This Article also for more information on Bennett’s philanthropic activities.


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