Sam Boraie Initiates High Profile Property through Boraie Development

Real estate development is a multifaceted business encompassing various activities ranging from the development of a new building to the renovation of old buildings. With the industry full of new real estate developers, it may be challenging for clients to settle for an excellent real estate developer who can deliver great commercial as well as residential buildings. One real estate developer who has crafted the art of developing astonishing commercial and residential buildings is Sam Boraie of Boraie Development. Omar is a real estate developer who has worked for some of the top-ranked buildings across the world. His success story may be termed as Rome was not built in one day. To this point, he is praised for developing some of the best urban areas in New Jersey. To know more about the company visit Bloomberg.


According to NY Times, Omar was elated to announce the completion of his first and prominent success story, the New Brunswick. The location of the new apartments was The Aspire in Somerset Street. Omar stated in an interview that he was visionary about the new apartments approximately four decades ago. When he had the plans, he was traveling downtown Egypt for touring when he spotted the New Brunswick in Europe. He then developed a strategy for building the same apartments in New Jersey. Omar was motivated by the unpleasant look across the street when he was strolling in the evening. That marked the beginning of New Brunswick.

New Jersey

Currently, the same city he did not like on that evening has a new look. It is the largest and most developed town in the city. According to Central New Jersey Moms, this is the most important project in the city. From twenty-one dilapidated rooms and vacant rooms, he bought each room and worked on the renovations. When he disclosed his initial plans to the residents, most people said that he was crazy until when he took up to the field and implemented the project.

Omar’s Profile

Omar Boraie is the owner of Boraie Development. The firm offers a broad range of property development services. The focus of all projects is concentrated on urban real estate development. From real estate development to property management as well as sales and marketing, Omar has developed the proper execution of services through his company. Through him, the forte of the administration is working with the best and strongest financial institutions, contractors and building architects to ensure that the clients receive the best property in the market.

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