Securus Technologies Customers Give Feedback On How Their Products Have Stopped Crime

It’s been quite a year for Securus Technologies who has been a leading provider of inmate communication and correctional facility security technologies. They’ve been dealing with complaints from rival company GTL Communications, had employees who have received high level certifications for installing equipment, and now have received thank you letters and testimonials from customers who have benefited from their service. The customers are correctional facility staff and administrators who have used advanced monitoring programs and software that has picked up all kinds of crime plans from minor contraband smuggling operations, to dangerous threats of violence and riots planned in various prisons.

For example, one correctional administrator found out that one of his officers was aiding inmates in a bribery and corruption case. Another found out that two youngsters on the outside of a call between to inmates had information about a local shooting that they said will be instrumental in helping investigators. Another uncovered information leading to drug money and illegal assets that a local sheriff’s department had been frantically searching for without any luck.

Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas Texas and has been in business for over 30 years. They’ve primarily helped inmates stay connected with family members through partnerships with local telecommunications providers, and installing elaborate communications media and high security infrastructure. Securus has kiosks where inmates can make digital purchases such as electronic music, movies, signup for college courses, or make legal purchases. Most notable has been their video visitation platform that allows inmates to have face time with family or friends without their visitors having to leave their homes.

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