The Accomplished Ronald Fowlkes

The word accomplished, when describing the distinguished career of the exceptional Ronald Fowlkes, perhaps may be an understatement. Ronald has accomplished so much is his career so far that it is hard not to question how he has managed to do so in his lifetime. To start, Ronald is currently taking on the role of the Business Development leader of Law Enforcement/Commercial products for a company called Eagle Industries Unlimited.


Needless to say, it is a very respectable role for the company as he is clearly well-trusted to handle that role and its responsibilities. Under this title, he is given tasks such as handling customer needs on a nationwide scale, evaluation and overview of over 100 staff members, production and scale of tons of products, and so much more. However, before taking on these duties, Ronald Fowlkes accomplished many tasks in both the law enforcement and as a defense contractor for the United States Army combining for more than a decade of hard work.


It goes without saying that Ronald was well equip to take on his current duties as a business manager. To get more specific on his time working in the law enforcement and the army, which Ronald is certainly extremely proud of, in those two work fields is where he would earn the respect and admiration that he receives on a daily basis today. For example, as a member of a SWAT warfare team, Ronald took on plenty of high-risk and dangerous situations.


Specifically, Ronald and his team were tasked with handling hostage situations, gang activity, illegal firearm possession issues, trafficking problems, narcotic violations, and pretty much any other form of highly-dangerous situations one can think of. Obviously, the effort he put in this role positively manifested itself in future roles he would receive in the years to follow. Aside from his duties as a SWAT member, Ronald Fowlkes is more than extremely proud to say that he served his country in the United States Marine Corps for a number of years.


Considering how talented he is as an individual, it is easy to understand how he was promoted more than once in his time in the Marine Corps. In providing his help in the Marine Corps, Ronald achieves countless recognition and acknowledgments that put him in a class of respect by himself. It goes without saying that those who have had the honor and pleasure of working with Ronald Fowlkes have much to thank him for. With the amount of hard work and dedication he has put it over the years, it is easy to see how successful Ronald has become so far. The great thing is that he is far from done in his already distinguished career.