The Inspiring Career of Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Individuals who spend too few hours sleeping suffer many adverse effects that may ruin their lives. Lack of enough sleep may grow old faster as compared to people who spend a lot of their time sleeping. Besides, one barely feels fresh in cases where they spend a little time sleeping as the body does not get an ample time to rest and recover from tiredness. Many health practitioners recommend people to have enough sleep to improve the state of their health and avoid unnecessary illness besides acquiring a youthful skin. Lack of enough sleep also makes one appear tired and unhappy, and it may lead to one being shunned by their friends.

Additionally, lack of enough sleep may lead to a pool of blood below the eyes which instead makes one look unpleasant. The pool accumulates in the view as a result of the poor circulation of blood in the veins around the eyes and may worsen if one does not take enough rest. Besides, individuals who fail to take enough sleep end up ruining the skin tone and tend to look dull than normal. The dullness in one’s skin may make people have the wrong impression about them and at times consider them boring and unapproachable.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a famous dentist, has taken the initiative to help people with apnea, a leading cause of sleeplessness, to cope with their situation. Through encouragement from many other physicians, Avi Weisfogel started the Healthy Heart sleep organization, through which he aims to help individuals with sleep disorders.

Due to his concerns towards advocating for the needs of people affected by sleep disorders, Weisfogel designed an intersectional concept model, which highly relies on the use of oral measures to curb sleep distractions. Avi`s original model has helped to control the issue of sleeplessness in many individuals, and he hopes to design better models to deal with the problem.