The Lung Institute’s Pulmonary Fibrosis Patient Is Responding Well To The Stem Cell Therapy

When Joseph was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, he was told that he could only live for a year. Medical experts from the Lung Institute have changed the patient’s future through their stem cell therapy.

Joseph received his first adult stem cell therapy for pulmonary fibrosis in March 2015 when he visited the Lung Institute in Tampa, Florida. His pulmonologist posited that his condition had deteriorated. Joseph was very weak and relied on oxygen 24/7. Simple duties such as having conversations, brushing his teeth, walking up the stair, and standing proved to be an uphill task for him. Slowly, the therapy started to improve his life. This information was originally mentioned on Lifestyles After 50 as outlined in the following link

Joseph said that the therapy had helped him to reach a steady oxygen level of 98-99. He is proud that he has not used the equipment for over six months. Joseph was interviewed three weeks after he had received his CT scan. According to the results, all the inflammations in his lungs were gone. His pulmonologist was impressed by the progress of his recovery. The stem cell therapy has completely turned his life around. Joseph is now able to dream of a longer life.

Joseph’s pulmonologist said that he had witnessed several cases of pulmonary fibrosis and was certain that his case was terminal. He had even told Joseph that it was possible that he would not recover. His quick recovery is a testament to the success of the stem cell therapy to heal chronic lung infections. Many doctors have been skeptical about the clinical application of this treatment. Joseph’s case plays a significant role in convincing these doctors and medical experts about the success of stem cell therapy.

About The Lung Institute

The Lung Institute is a renowned medical institution based in Tampa, Florida. The organization focuses on developing regenerative medicine. The corporation uses stem cell therapy to treat lung diseases. This therapy has resulted in the improvement of the lives of several patients diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis.

Over the years, drugs used to treat lung diseases have had side effects on the patients. Lung Institutes’ stem cell therapy uses the cells drawn from the patient’s body. This way, it quickens the healing process. Lung Institute’s medical experts have been researching on the stem cells with the objective of developing effecting treatments. This information was originally published on Lung Institute’s website as highlighted in this link

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