The Victoria Doramus Story

A Recovery Expert is an individual who has gone through a rough time such as, an addiction or trauma and has pushed through it to become a better individual who aims to help others fight their addictions and problems. Victoria Doramus is one such individual who has lived through a long tale of drug addiction and substance abuse.

Victoria’s belief and advice is to be transparent throughout your life. Instead of concealing your addictions and feeling like a victim, you have to face the reality and choose to overcome it. You have to be honest with yourself by accepting your weaknesses and mistakes. Accepting your poor decisions is the path to change and a new life. Victoria Doramus explains how her addiction was more of an obsession with a substance and she couldn’t imagine a life with out it.

It was only when Victoria Doramus went through an intense twelve step program to recover from her substance abuse that she was able to overcome her problem. The program was tough and Victoria had to become disciplined in life. She had to maintain a job to be eligible to stay at the halfway home for recovering individuals. Prior to this, Victoria lost her friends, family, and lived only to take drugs. It was when she hit rock bottom that she finally realized how far she had fallen. Today, Victoria has recovered from her addiction, but emphasizes the importance and difficulty of maintaining sobriety.

Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional turned philanthropist, has began working with a variety of charities that are involved with helping others become sober such as, the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read and Women’s Prison Association. She has worked hard to help others and wants to start a halfway house in New York. She believes that by acceptance and help from others anyone can become sober and get over their addictions, but you have to want it. Shop Victoria Doramus’s Closet on Tradesy.

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