Trust The Securus Technologies Network For Crime Prevention

You can get the safety and quality assurance you expect from an inmate calling network with Securus Technologies. They have incorporated their governmental regulated monitoring and surveillance to continue to ensure the safety of the general public. In fact, their CEO, Richard A. Smith, has been one of the first executives to push for a crime prevention model with their network. They have initiated a customer feedback forum on their website which has led to the prevention of a number of inmate crimes because of their customers comments. In doing so, they have been able to keep their prices at a stabilized price without the cost of increase inmate calls. Their competitors charge their customers for inmate communications crimes with increased fees.


Securus Technologies Crime Prevention Features


stop illegal inmate cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– add additional facility monitoring

– stop illegal inmate money transfer

– and more…


Their customers have been proud to be a part of any crime prevention measures that will keep their prices stable and their inmate network secure. Visit the Securus Technologies website to find out more about their crime prevention measures and superior inmate calling features today.