Vinod Gupta And His Acts Of Charity

The business guru was born in a humble family. The poverty did not stop him from achieving his dreams. Instead, it inspired him to work hard to become successful. The 72 years old was born in India. He used a capital of $100 to build a business empire estimated to be worth about $680 million. The entrepreneur realized that many businesses had a problem in marketing due to lack of information on the potential clients. To solve the problem, he started a firm called InfoUSA. He previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. After years of operation, the management decided to change the name to InfoGROUP. Most of the companies that he has acquired over the years are involved with information technology.


One of Vinod Gupta’s main achievements includes the creation of an investment company called Everest Group. The firm helps upcoming businesses that involved in developing database technology by financing their projects and also buys out business ventures that have a good potential in the future. He is passionate about creating job opportunities for marginalized groups and has succeeded to do that over the years.


Vinod Gupta’s efforts to promote equality in employment have been lauded by prominent individuals such as the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton. Vinod Gupta has engaged in various charitable activities, mainly in the education sector. According to him, everyone should access quality education irrespective of their gender or nationality. He has made generous contributions in learning institutions in both the United States and his home country, India. Vinod Gupta Invested In Women’s Education; he established Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic for women in his home town, Rampur Maniharan in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India


One of Vinod’s most notable contributions is paying for the bus fares of school going girls. He got his first job opportunity in a company known Commodore Corporation as a market research analyst. The firm specializes in the creation of mobile homes. It operates in various parts of the country. After working at Commodore Corporation for about one year, he quit to start his firm which he named American Business Lists. He was able to employ two individuals who worked for him on a part-time basis. The businessman developed solutions that helped other companies to save some money from their marketing activities. Click Here for more information.


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