Waiakea Water and Pump Aid Team up to Help Countries in Need

Waiakea Hawaiian Water is a bottled water brand sourced from a sacred body of water located in Mauna Loa, Hawaii. It’s on the Big island of Hawaii where it is taken care of with pristine care. The body of water holds a tremendous amount of water that is held in the isolated lands filtered through the preservation of the rainforest. Its accumulation is made up of rain and snow melt. It’s carefully bottled with recycled, BPA free plastic. When you buy Waiakea water, you are actually buying a healthier type of water. There are 30 mg of silica in the water, which could help with Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive thinking. Most pH solutions in bottle water are around 7; however, Waiakea bottles the volcanic Hawaiian water naturally at a pH level of 7.8 – 8.8.

Most people purchase water and don’t think about how they’re helping the environment. When you buy Waiakea bottled water, you’re not only helping the environment and drinking a healthy beverage, you’re helping others have the opportunity to access clean water. Waiakea has teamed up with Pump Aid to bring water pumps to some of the most disadvantaged areas in the world. Pump Aid has manufactured and engineered a pumping system that is placed in countries where clean water is hard to find. One town they have focused their efforts on is Malawi. It’s a remote village in Africa where infant death, disease and unsafe water is common. With the help of Waiake and Pump Aid, they have been able to place pumps in these foreign countries to provide a clean and safe water source. With each purchase of Waiakea bottled water, you help to continue the water pump process. There are other ways you can help if you’re interested. They accept many volunteers that can help install the pumping systems and with continued support of purchases, they can extend their services even further by reaching other countries that are in desperate need. Diseases should begin to decrease and productivity will increase because the village people won’t take as much time searching for drinkable water.