What Louis Chenevert’s Leadership Did To UTC

United Technologies has been a beneficiary of Louis R. Chenevert’s leadership strategies. Louis held the posts of President and Chief Operating Officer at the firm. During his tenure, Louis Chenevert enabled UTC to become one of the leading forces in innovation in the industry of technology. Louis Chenevert’s tenure lasted for eight years enabling him to carry out his transformation agenda at the company. Louis Chenevert managed to drive the growth of UTC because he adhered to the best practices in the manufacturing industry.

During Chenevert’s term as the president and CEO, the company managed to outdo other players in innovation. Louis was able to maintain profitability at UTC by focusing on two main areas. One of the areas was advancing aeronautics, and the other was creating new things. In the midst of the great depression, Louis Chenevert was able to fortify the growth of the firm. When other players were busy winding up their business due to a fractured economy, Louis Chenevert was preoccupied with the creation of alternative revenue sources for UTC.

UTC is one of the few companies that have managed to maintain a local workforce in the United States. Louis Chenevert believed in creating jobs for fellow Americans and not outsourcing for labor overseas. Louis Chenevert’s tenure is highlighted by the success of UTC in availing one of the best jet engines in the aviation industry. Over the period that Louis Chenevert led UTC, he was able to encourage investment in the company, and this was demonstrated by an increase in UTC’s stock price by over 200 percent.

The new products that UTC was able to bring into the market under the leadership of Louis Chenevert include flight sensors, landing gears, and even actuators. History will remember Louis Chenevert for the good work he performed at UTC. The success of United Technologies is credited with the ability of its management to get basic things right. Louis left United Technologies better than he found it. It is expected that Louis will continue offering management strategies and advice that will help manufacturing entities remain afloat.